Course Descriptions

The following classes are scheduled for 2016
Attire is Business Casual (no Jeans or Tennis shoes) unless otherwise indicated

* indicates a fee for attendance 


Courses Scheduled for 2018 


FBI Course - Leadership Fundamentals & The Social Psychology of Trust for Leaders  

January 23 

FBI Course - Crime Scene Photography (class is limited to 16 participants)


DCJS - Animal Cruelty and Fighting Investigations Training (register at )  No Cost

January 25 

Tactical Decision Making in Response to Critical Incidents  (Non-member agency fee, $75.00) 

January 29 

*Child Death Investigation: Child Death Scene to Court ( $295, register online at

January 29-30 

*Basic Undercover School ( Class size is limited to 25 students, $75 fee for Member Agencies, $200 for Non-member Agencies)

January 29-February 2 

*Recruiting, Hiring and Officer Retention ($325, register at  

January 30-February 1 

FBI Course: Ground Fighting 101 for Female Officers (class is limited to 14 participants) 

February 5-9 

REVIVE - Train the Trainer (Opioid Overdose &* Naloxone Education for Virginia's Law Enforcement)  **Class is from 1000 -1300 hours

February 9 

FBI-NDCAC Best Practices-Collection Seizure of Mobil Devices for Investigators  

February 13 

RADAR/LIDAR Instructor School 

February 19-23 

*Responding to Trauma: Veterans, Police Officers and Communities in Crisis ($295, register at

February 26-27 

*Writing Effective Search Warrants in Virginia ($250, space is limited; register at The presenters are nationally-recognized  prosecutors, each with over 18 years’ experience, and an experienced investigator with 35 years of experience.  PIC - MIR credit application pending. 

March 13-14

FBI Course - Weapons of Mass Destruction 

March 21 

*Simunition Scenario Instructor and Safety Course ( Law Enforcement $595, Re-certification $495. Register at,

March  21-23

FBI Course - Recovery of Human Remains 

March 22 

*On Target Solutions: Internal Affairs and Professional Standards ($249 register at

May 7-8 

*Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation ($575 register at

May 8-11 

*On Target Solutions to Problem Employees ($149 register at

May 9 

*On Target Solutions: Recruiting and Applicant Background Investigations ($249 register at

May 10-11 

*On-Target Solutions for Law Enforcement Supervisors ($249 register at  

September 17-18 

*On-Target Solutions: Employee Evaluations, Getting it Right ($149 register at

September 19 

*On-Target Solutions: De-Escalation and SmartER  Policing ($149 register at

September 20 

*On-Target Solutions: Leadership for Law Enforcement ($149 register at  

September 21 

 * indicates a cost associated with this course 
Other courses may include a fee for non-member personnel.
Please see flier for details or call 434-455-6190 for more information.